Storage Devices in Computer | Types of Storage Devices

Computers are used to process large volumes of data and to execute very complex programs. The computer needs to have some kind of storage device to hold these programs and data. Such as device should be directly accessible to the CPU and its speed must be compatible with the speed of the CPU. Also computer must be able to store frequently needed data on some permanent storage devices in computer.

Types of Storage Devices in Computer:

. Based on the characteristics of the storage devices we classify these devices as Main Memory and Secondary Memory storage devices. In this article we will describe both types of storage devices in computer briefly.

1. Main Storage Devices:

Digital computers are stored programs computers that mean a program to be executed is first loaded in the memory storage devices in computer and then instructions are executed one by one. The data and results of the calculations are also stored in the memory. In this sense main memory is the working area of the computer. It is very fast but limited in capacity. A computer cannot work without main memory. Most general purpose computer have enough memory to store a few million characters.

The main memory of a computer consists of thousands or even million of cells. Each cell capable of storing a bit that is 0’s and 1’s.These cells are logically organized into groups of 8 bits is called byte. Each byte has unique address assigned to it. This number is called the address of that byte. These scheme of arranging cells into a byte and bytes into memory chip.

2. Secondary Storage Devices:

Primary storage devices are directly accessible to processor and are used to store data and programs that are in current time. The control unit does not have direct access to data that is stored anywhere outside the processor or main memory. However this storage is limited in size and volatile. We need some storage devices that is not temporary in nature and that does not have the same restriction of size as that of main memory. Such a device is called secondary storage devices in computer. Secondary storage devices are categorized according to following:

  • Data stored optically and magnetically
  • Sequential and direct storage access technique used
  • The capacity of the devices according how much we want it
  • Easily portable and easily remove or change

Secondary storage is required permanently stone information that is not needed in memory all of the time and which may be too large to fit into the memory of the computer. Two main categories based n the ways of accessing data from a secondary storage are sequential Access and Direct Access or Serial Access and Random Access respectively.

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Top Freelancing websites 2019 | Latest Stats

Freelance means work from home. In freelancing you are your own boss there is no need of any commitment to any person in freelancing, there is no boss. Manager or senior pressure you are the only boss, you manage work by your own choice. Now days million of people do freelancing and earn handsome amount as compared to that person who is doing job under a person. When people start freelancing many of them left in start because they don’t get any order or work. If you want to start your career in freelancing then you have the great patience. In this article I will tell you about some famous Top freelancing websites.

Top Freelancing Websites 2019:

There are many freelancing Platforms available over the internet some of them are very good and very secure in order to frauds. Frauds are very common in this world now. Everywhere we saw examples of frauds and scams. I am going to tell you about some fraud and scam free Freelancing Websites.

1. Fiverr.com:

Firverr.com was launched on 1st February 2010, the purpose of this website to provide the platform those peoples who can provide services over the internet. This is very famous and reliable freelancing platform. In Fiverr we can get order through gigs. Gig is actually ads. In gigs we provide description, price and requirements of the service. The minimum order we got of $5, In past we just get the work of $5 on fiverr, But now We can charge our own choice price for the service. Here is the link you can register and start earning.

2. Upwork.com:

Upwork.com is one of the top freelancing websites. Upwork is actually advance transformation of ODesk. ODesk was the freelancing platform where people do projects and earn money then in 2015 it transform to upwork.com. In upwork you don’t need to create gigs. You just have to find the project and bid for that. If hirer likes your offer then he or she will hire you otherwise you can try for some other project. This is time taking platform. Presence is compulsory in upwork.com. If you get project for once then your freelancing career starts running. For registration click here

3. Freelancer.com:

Freelancer.com is most famous freelancing site. Similarly like upwork.com here you have to bid for the projects. In freelancer.com you can find the project of any category whether it relate to academic or technology etc. You just have to bid. If employer likes your offer then you will be hired otherwise you have to choose next option. But the drawback is that you just allow 10 bids in freelancer.com. You have to buy more bids such as you can get 300 bids in $30. But in start you can do 10 bids. If you don’t get any project then no need to worry. Go for other option. Here is the link of registration go and change your lifestyle.

4. PeoplePerHour.com:

PeoplePerHour.com is the company which is founded in 2007, the purpose was that provide the platform to freelance workers to do more jobs over here. In PeoplePerHour.com working mechanism is different, you have to post the project means you post your skills related description then PeoplePerHour’s algorithm will find the project according to your posted details. It is not much famous as fiverr.com, upwork.com and freelancers.com, but is reliable and trustworthy click here for registration.

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High Level Languages | All famous Programmings

High Level Languages are very similar to human being languages and far from the machine language. There are machine independent languages which are also known as “This generation” languages. These languages are based English like words, a few punctuation characters and basic mathematical symbols. These languages allow simple commands and statements to manipulate problem. Each High Level Language has its own language translator such as compiler or Interpreter. Some famous High Level Languages are explained below:

FORTRAN Programming:

FORTRAN stands for Formula Translation. In 1975 the first major High Level Languages appeared in the form of FORTRAN.FORTRAN stands for Formula Translation. FORTRAM was developed by the IBM for scientific computing. It was mainly used for specific purposes

BASIC High Level Language:

BASIC is the old High Level Language and it is stands for Beginners All purpose symbolic Instruction Code. BASIC was actually designed for the students to write programs for programming practicing using time sharing computer terminals. BASIC was intended for easy learning programming concepts. There are some principles of BASIC Programming are given below:

  • Too much easy for beginners to use.
  • Be a general purpose language.
  • BASIC Allows advanced features to be a expert programmer
  • Attractive language
  • Providing clear and friendly error messages
  • Respond fast for small programs.
  • Not require and understanding of computer software

COBOL Language:

COBOL stands for Common Business Oriented Languages. Through FORTRAN was good at handling numbers, it was not so good at handling input and output, which mattered most to business computing. COBOL was designed as the language for businessman. The only data types of COBOL are numbers and strings of text. A COBOL program consists of four or five major sections. COBOL statements also have a very English Like grammar also called syntax, that making this very easy to learn and understand. Because of its simplicity it had been very popular among business community.

LISP Programming:

LIST stands for List Processing Language. It was designed for Artificial Intelligence (AI) research. Because it was designed for such as highly specialized field, its syntax was very different of ordinary languages. It has the unique ability to modify itself and hence grow on its own. It is being used even today because it is highly specialized.

PASCAL High Level Language:

PASCAL was designed to introduce some advance and best features and making flexible of the languages in use at the time, COBOL, FORTRAN and ALGOL. While doing so many of the irregularities of these languages were cleared up, this helped it to gain popularity. The newly introduced combination of features made it a reliable and highly successful Programming Language.

C and C++ Languages:

In 1972 C language was introduced by Dennis Ritchie while during working at Bell Labs. C is commonly used to program operating systems such as UNIX, windows and Macintosh OS etc. It is very useful for compiler writing. C+ was an extension to C language using OOP (Object Oriented Programming) concept, while maintaining the speed of C. C++ is the most often used in simulation, such as games. Now a days almost in every institute C or C++ language is compulsory subject.

Visual BASIC Language:

It was the first visual development tool from Microsoft, and it was designed to compete with C, C++, PASCAL and any other languages. When it came out Visual Basic wasn’t until Microsoft release VB 2.0 in 1993 that people really started to discover the power of the language, and when Microsoft released VB 3.0 it had become.

JAVA High Level Language:

One of the famous High Level Languages is JAVA. Sun Microsystems began developing a language with the primarily purpose to control microprocessors used in consumers items such as cable receivers, VCR’s toasters, and also for personal data assistants (PDA). JAVA often powerful capabilities of network programming, Internet applications and GUI (Graphical User Interface).

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Computer Science Entry Level jobs in USA | Latest 2019

Computer science is the no end field in the world. There is no mean of anything without the computer science technology, so the question is raised is computer science jobs available in the world of every level then the answer is very simple yes jobs are available of computer sciences of every level in the world because there is no place where computer science technology does not apply. It applies everywhere in every field whether the field is related to commerce, banking or accounting etc. In this article I will tell you about entry level computer science latest jobs.

Paid Internship in Software Development Path Chicago:

Software Development Path in Chicago United States offering the paid internship to freshly graduate and undergraduate students of Chicago. They are paying 15$ per hour which is best opportunity to step in your IT career. Interested candidate should belong to BS computer science degree, should have IT marketing experience. Knowledge about full stack software development, able to solving problems and full grip on MS office (Ms Word, Ms Excel and Ms Power point). Click here to apply

Full Time Opportunity for Students in Microsoft:

First time in history there is full time opportunity for the students of internship in Microsoft California United States. In this internship students will get opportunity to work with senior data scientist, program managers and other senior employees of the Microsoft. For this internship candidate should have to be the student of the BS, Ms or PhD, should have experience in web technologies terms  such as HTML, CSS and Java script and ass well candidate should have best skill in problem solving. In conclusion this is the best opportunity for the student towards their career. Click here for apply

Entry Level Software Developer need in Grant Street Group:

Grant Street Group offers the software development jobs to the fresh graduates. For this job this is not compulsory candidate should have past experience in software development, but candidate should have knowledge about web technologies languages i.e. HTML, CSS and Java Script also known about server bases languages such as Python, Ruby and PHP. Candidate should know how to work on Databases, Linux, Amazon services, JQuery and Ajax. The plus point is that they can’t wait for any review or interview they direct hire you for the job. If you are interested then you can click here for apply.

Entry Level Software Developer in Partner Engineering and Science:

Partner Engineering and Science Torrance, California, United States offer the software development job to fresh pass out students. There will be handsome package for this job that will depend on the experience of the candidate. Interested candidates should have knowledge against HTML, CSS, JavaScript, UI design, Python, Ruby, WordPress, MS office (Word, Excel, Outlook, WordPress, Access, SharePoint). Experienced candidate will be entertained for this job. It is better for the candidate if he or she has portfolio according to requirements which help them in getting job easily. For further info and apply for this job click here

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Computer Jobs in Pakistan 2019| Salary, Timings, Experience

Computer science is the vast field. There are many computer jobs available in not only in Pakistan even all over the world. There is no end of computer in the world. As we know now a days computer technology use in the every field in the world. There are some latest computer jobs in Pakistan are available. The details are available in this article.

Computer Operator jobs at Taskeen Impex:

Computer operator need at Taskeen Impex Sialkot Pakistan It is the industry of import and export. There salary package is 15000 Rs to 25000 Rs. They need a experienced computer operator and should have experience of basics of computer science software and hardware. There is no gender preference, Job is full time, Minimum education should be Intermediate or A levels, Experience should be one year. Interested candidate should be apply before 19 May 2019. Apply now

Computer Programmer Jobs at EEC Pvt (Ltd):

Computer programmer is required at Engineering Excellence Company Pvt (Ltd) is the software house and functional area is Database Administration. Salary package is 50,000 Rs and 70,000 Rs. EEC needs a programmer who as knowledge about the SAP-B1 programmer. Candidates with relevant experience should be encouraged. This job is only for man with minimum education of bachelor in computer science and minimum experience of 1 year. Candidates can apply before 11th may 2019. Apply Now

Machine Learning and Computer Vision Expert Job:

Esper Solutions needs a Machine Learning and Computer Vision expert for full time and permanent positions, who will design, develop and maintain medium to large scale machine learning models and computer vision applications on vast platforms. The salary package is 70,000 Rs 1, 25,000 Rs. Experience required for 1 to 4 years and job timings will be 09:00 am to 06:00 pm. Only 2 posts are available for this post, there is no gender preference for this job but candidate should be professional and experienced. Apply Now

Computer Operator at Electrum Services:

Computer operator required at Electrum Services Lahore Pakistan this company provide services of different types. There salary package is 15000 Rs to 25000 Rs, Only one post is available. They need a experienced computer operator and should have experience of one year in basics of computer science software and hardware. There is no gender preference for this job, Job is full time and permanent, Minimum education should be bachelor or graduation, Experience should be one year and will be encouraged. Interested candidate should be applying before 12 March 2019. Apply Now

Computer Teacher job at Aaryan Academy:

Computer Science Teacher required at Aaryan Academy Lahore Pakistan. Salary should be discuss after the interview and trial. A computer science teacher should have extensive knowledge in the field of computer science and related technological areas that teach and train the students and teaches students in the fundamentals and advancement of computer software and hardware. Only two jobs posts are available and only for females. Teacher should have the knowledge of the bachelors and experience of one year. This is permanent and full time job. Interested candidates can apply via sending CV’s and before 13th March 2019. Apply Now

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High Level vs Low Level Programming Languages

Computer Languages are used to write computer programs. There are two board categories of programming languages i.e. Low level and high level languages. We will discuss briefly High Level vs Low Level Programming Languages in this article.

1. Low Level Languages:

Low level languages are divided into two broad languages i.e. machine and assembly language.

Machine Low Level Language:

 Machine Language is the native language of the computer. The computer does not need any translator to understand this language. Programs written in any other language must be converted to the machine language instruction consists of strings of binary 0’s and 1’s. As it is very difficult for human beings to remember long sequences, therefore writing programs in machine language are very difficult and error prone. So it was thought to replace the long sequences of 0’s and 1’s in machine language with English like words. The idea provided by the basis for the development of the assembly language.

Assembly Low Level Language:

In assembly language, machine language instructions (long sequences of 0’s and 1’s) are replaced with English like words are also known as mnemonics. As assembler translator is use for the assembly language to convert the program into machine language.

2. High Level Languages:

Programming Languages whose instructions resemble the English language are called high level languages. Every high level language defines a set of rules for writing programs called syntax of the language. Every instruction in the high level language must confirm to its syntax. If there is a syntax error in the program, it is reported by the language translator. The program does not translate into machine language unless the error is removed.

Some common high level languages are C, Java, C++, FORTRAN, BASIC, and COBOL etc. we will discuss these languages details in other article here is the link of that article. Although each of these languages were designed for specific purpose; all are used to write variety of application software. Some of these languages such as C and C++ are used to write system software as well. Each of these languages has some advantages and disadvantages over the other e.g. FORTRAN has very powerful mathematical capabilities while the COBOL is ideal for writing business applications, C and C++ are very handy for writing system software while Java is equipped with strong network programming features.

Characteristics of High level Languages:

  • There are English like languages, hence are close to human languages and far from the machine languages and very easy to learn
  • Programs written in high level languages are easy to modify and debug and more readable
  • These languages let the programmers concentrate on problem being solved rather than human-machine interaction.
  • These describe well defined way of writing programs
  • These do not require a deep of understanding of the machine architecture
  • High level languages provide machine independence. It means programs written in a high level languages can be executes on many different types of computer with a little modification. For Example programs written in C can be executed on Intel processor as well as on Motorola processors.
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PUCIT Entry Test 2019 | Applications, Syllabus, Results


PUCIT (Punjab University College of Information Technology) is the oldest and well qualified Information Technology Institute PUCIT is responsible for the PUCIT enty Test Exam.

About PUCIT – Punjab University College of Information Technology:

This college was established specifically for Information Technology. PUCIT offer 4 year (8 semester) Bs(hons) programs.  PUCIT has two campuses one is called Allama Iqbal Campus which is situated in Anarkali Lahore and other campus name is Quaid-e-Azam Campus which is situated in Thokar Niaz Baig Lahore.

PUCIT Entry Test 2019:

PUCIT Entry Test 2019 is conducted for the Undergraduate and Graduate Programs under the institute of the Punjab University. Thousands of students apply for this Entrance Exam for the sake of admission in PUCIT. Complete details such as Application form, Syllabus, Pattern, Exam coupon, Eligibility Criteria and Result of Entry Test 2019 will mention in this article

PUCIT Entry Test 2019 Applications:

Students can get Application form from the official website of PUCIT. Candidate who is interesting for apply he or she have to apply via online. Following steps are for filling and submission of application form.

  • Go the website of PUCIT and click on Admission tab.
  • Create the account for access the admission portal.
  • Choose the Undergraduate (BS) or Graduate(Ms) program as well choose the campus
  • There will be two buttons one is Save and other is Finalize. In Save button you can save your provided Information and edit in future but In Finalize button you submit your application form and you can’t edit your information in future.
  • After the submission of application form. You can download the challan form. The fee decided on the program choosing the fee of one program is 100Rs. For example if you choose one program then you have to pay 100 Rs or If you choose 6 programs then you have to pay 600 Rs. It’s mean you have to pay the fee multiple of 100 by selected programs.
  • Pay your fee in the HBL bank and attach the challan copy with the form and other related documents.
  • submit your form in the admission office.

Documents required for Application form:

Following documents are required for the PUCIT application:

  • Matriculation mark sheet
  • Intermediate mark sheet
  • Medical Certificate
  • 4 passport size photographs with blue background
  • Hifz-e-Quran certificate (only for the Hafiz)

PUCIT Entry Test 2019 Syllabus:

There is no specific syllabus for the PUCIT entry Test 2019. The test is fully based on Aptitude. For clearing this test candidate should have aptitude skills. There are basic Mathematics, Comprehension type questions and IQ questions.

The weight age of this entrance exam is 70% for the admission. And rest of 30% will count the marks of Intermediate.

PUCIT Entry Test 2019 Exam coupon:

The exam coupon will hand over the candidate immediately after the submission of application form. The roll number, Exam center and Hall number will mention on the Exam coupon.

PUCIT Entry Test 2019 Results:

The Result of the Entry Test 2019 will declare after one day of the entrance test. Candidate can get the result on the official website of the PUCIT. By just clicking the result on entry test button and then put the roll number or name you can get the result of the PUCIT.

PUCIT Entry Test 2019 Criteria:

  • For BS (hons) programs Matric and Intermediate clearance is compulsory
  • For MS (hons) BS (in required program) degree is compulsory
  • For Phill MS(in required program) degree is compulsory

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OSI Model Layers | Open Systems Interconnection

The open system interconnection OSI Model Layers began a reference model, but has since been implemented. It was created by international organisation for standardization OSI to provide a logical framework for how data communication processes should interact across networks. Standards were created for the computer industry allowing different networks to work together efficiently.

How many OSI Model Layers are?

There are 7 layers in the OSI Model. Each layer is responsible for a particular aspect of data communication. For example, one layer is may be responsible for establishing connections between devices, while another layer maybe responsible for error checking during transfer.

The layers of the OSI Model are divided into two groups: the super layer and lower layer. The uper layer focus on user application and how files are represented on the computers prior to transport. For the most part, network engineers are more concerned with the lower layer. It’s the lower layers that concentrate on how the communication across a network actually occurs.

Application OSI Model layer:

one of the important OSI model layers is Application Layer. Provide network services to user applications. It is responsible for exchanging information between programs running on the machine, such as an e-mail program, and other services running on a network such as a print server or another computer’s application.

Presentation OSI Model Layer:

Concerned with how data converted and formatting for data transfer, Examples of format conversion include ASCII text for documents and .gif and JPG for images. This layer performs code conversion data translation, compression and encryption.

Session model layer:

Determines how two devices establish, maintain and manage a connection – how they talk to each other. These connections are called sessions.

Transport layer OSI Layer:

 Responsible for  breaking the data into segments establishing an end-to-end logical connection between Machines, and providing for error handling.

Network layer:

Responsible for determining on the network determining the routes that information will take on its journey, and managing network traffic congestion. Data and this level is packaged into packets.

Data link layer:

Provide the link for how data, packaged into frame is communicates through hardware to be transported across a medium. It communicates with network cards, manages physical layer communications between connecting systems and handles error notification.

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Database Management System | Objectives, Advantages, Features

Normally the DBMS is used for large or medium sized organizations, having heterogeneous types of files used for the different purposes. In this mechanism, the data elements are so integrated, cross referenced and shared among them that the duplication of data is almost possible.

Definition of Database Management System:

The Database Management System a collection of programs which is used for storing and manipulating database is called database management System (DBMS). It is an improvement over the traditional file management system. It uses DBMS software which controls the overall structure of a database and access to the data itself.

Objective of Database Management System

There are many objectives of the Database Management System some are mentioned below:

  • Share ability: Different people and different processes must be able to use the same actual data virtually the same line.
  • Availability: Both the data and DBMS which delivers the data must be easily accessible to the user.
  • Resolvability: The ability of the DBMS to change in response to growing user needs and advancing technology.
  • DATABASE Integrity: Since data is shared among multiple users, adequate integrity control measure must be maintained.

Advantages of Database Management System:

Advantages of DBMS are given below:

Data Independence:

Application programs are not aware of the physical implementation of the data sets. The DBMS sits in between the application programs and the actual data sets that make up the database

Support Complex Data Relationship:

Fairly complex data structures can be designed which allow various ways to logically view or access the data. This complexity greatly enhances the ability of a designer to put data where it belongs and provide a path to that data whenever needed.

Data Security Features:

DBMS provide enhance security mechanism for access to data. Database security mechanisms typically go much further in add more extensive security features. If granted Read access to a file or table, the user may see each record in the file, and every data field it contains. Access intent of each application program can be specified explicitly. An application program’s view of data records may be controlled to the field level.

Database Backup and Recovery:

DBMS provide sophisticated backup recovery mechanism. Backup and Recovery capabilities often distinguish between true DBMS and a software package that only claims this facility. A DBMS has a logging or recording mechanism that captures information on changes to data within a database. In case of database recovery, a utility within the DBMS rebuilds it by using a backup copy of the data and log of changes as input.

Advance Capabilities:

DBMS normally have advance access capability for online and ad-hic reporting capabilities. However, the ability to provide data independence to create complex data structures, to ptovide security to data access, and to provide backup and recovery capability are the primary requirements of a DataBase Managements.

Features of Database Management System

Data Dictionary:

Some database have a data dictionary, a procedures a document or disk file that stores the data definitions or a description of the structure of data used in the database. The data dictionary may monitor the data being entered to make sure it confirms to the data definition rules i.e. a file names, field names, field sizes, data types etc. It may be used for data access authorization for the database system.

Query Languages:

Normally SQL is used for creating table structures, entering data into them and retrieving/updating the selected records, based on the particular criteria and format indicated, within the databases. Typically, the query is in the form of sentence or English like commands such as SELECT, DELETE, INSERT and UPDATE commands.

Utilities in DBMS:

The DBMS utilities are the software programs that are used to maintain the database by manipulating the data, records and files. Some programs are also used for backup and recovery procedures of the database.

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Top Google adsense alternatives 2019 | CPC, Threshold

As we know that Google AdSense is the most famous and highest paid publisher in the world. Almost 95% bloggers prefer Google Adsense for online earning from the blog. But getting Google Adsense Account is too much difficult. So Bloggers choose the alternative of Google Adsense to gain profit from the blog. There are many high paying Google Alternatives In this article we are describing top Google Adsense Alternatives below with complete details such as Impression, CPC and threshold.

1. Media.net

Media.net is the product of the Yahoo and Bing, after the Google Adsense Media.net is the most famous and high paying publisher. Media.net is the high leading technology industry that does innovative digital marketing on the blog and websites. There are 500 employees those are working in this product (media.net).

Because of high paying revenue Media.net is the number 1 publisher after Google Adsense. The threshold of media.net is $100.

2. PropellerAds media

Propeller Adsis one of the biggest pop up Ad networks available. They shave started their company in 2011 and quickly developed and count into of the biggest Google Adsense Alternative with great CPMs. Specially they monetize the following niche website such as: entertainment, gaming websites videos and movies sites, finances, gambling, software, dating and etc. If you have website of one the category are mentioned above then you can monetize with Propeller than with Google Adsense. They also provide banners ads but the pop up ads are working better that others. Also, if you have mobile traffic on your website then, propellerAds are great Google Adsense alternative after media.net.

3. RevContent Publisher

RevContent stand at third position in the top Google Adsense Alternatives. Revcontent is the Native Ads Network RevContent provides the high quality ads and do approval process in the industry if website or blog is applicable for RevContent then they give approval. As we know Native Ads have super high engagement than regular banners and they show pretty well with your website or blog. RevContent show ads according to artice. Revcontent has great CPC rate that are paying 1 to 10 cents cost per click and RevContent is the biggest wide Ad network all over the world. Revcontent will pay more revenue on the referral process.

4. Adsterra Network

Adsterra is number fourth in the top google adsense alternatives that paying high revenue on reliable and high quality ads. Adsterra is a great ad network and opportunity for publishers with great CPMs to earn extra money and lots of different ad formats for both desktop and mobile network all over the world. They pay on a NET15 basis via wire transfer, paypal, web money, bitcoin etc. Their ad formats include many categories such as native ads, pop up ads, banners, direct links, web push notifications etc and Adsterra’s platform allows publisher to filter and select the type the ads you like to run in your blog or website to get the best CPC for your website or blog traffic. Adsterra are very punctual on paying revenue. They pay revenue to publisher on time and they are well known because of their serious behavior on paying revenue.

5. Infolinks

Infolinks is very old and reliable monetization network and one of best google adsense alternatives. They are paying high revenue for publishing ads on your blog or website. Infolinks are helping round about 200,000 online publishers in 128 countries to earn money from their ad space. They provide high quality native ads that work perfectly with all ad solutions and and they are very user friendly. They don’t interfere with the user’s experience. For engaging more visitors they try to publish video and native ads on the blog and website.

Infolinks platform is very simple to manipulate into your blog or website, and there is no set up fee Infolinks is open to any publisher.  Infolinks have high quality advertisers such as Facebook, Amazon, Pizza Hut, Ebay, Ali Express, Trip Advisor, Pizza Hut, Hyundai and many more.

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