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4 behavior of a Joy-Filled wedding | Webinar Series

4 behavior of a Joy-Filled wedding | Webinar Series

Experience More Joy More Regularly in Your Wedding

5-Part Webinar Series

Exactly just just What separates marriages that are happy miserable ones?

Interestingly, it is maybe not communication that is healthy. It’s not conflict quality abilities. It is really how big the marriage’s joy space.

Joy Gap /joi space/ (n.)-1. How long between moments of provided joy

Healthier marriages frequently create joy, and joy keeps the marriage healthier. But this form of delight and wellness in marriage is not only for the fortunate few who find it. As it happens that particular relational skills boost your joy. Marcus Warner and Chris Coursey will coach you on just how to develop those abilities and exactly how to:

  • return to joy more quickly after disconnection
  • produce stronger bonds and elongate times during the pleasure
  • enhance your satisfaction of real and psychological intimacy

Anchored within the latest mind technology, 4 Habits of Joy-Filled Marriages is a fresh book providing you insights, workouts, and an idea for maintaining your joy gap as small as feasible.

Join co-authors Marcus Warner and Chris Coursey in this free 5-part webinar series you stay in love as they dive deeper into the 4 habits that will help.

SIGNIFICANT: You must sign up for each webinar independently, and you’ll get a link that is separate join each webinar whenever you sign up. Each webinar will soon be recorded and every one who registers will even get use of the recording, therefore make sure to sign up for all 5 webinars even although you cannot go to the broadcast that is live!
Ahmed Zaidi4 behavior of a Joy-Filled wedding | Webinar Series
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