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Top Freelancing websites 2019 | Latest Stats

Freelance means work from home. In freelancing you are your own boss there is no need of any commitment to any person in freelancing, there is no boss. Manager or senior pressure you are the only boss, you manage work by your own choice. Now days million of people do freelancing and earn handsome amount as compared to that person who is doing job under a person. When people start freelancing many of them left in start because they don’t get any order or work. If you want to start your career in freelancing then you have the great patience. In this article I will tell you about some famous Top freelancing websites.

Top Freelancing Websites 2019:

There are many freelancing Platforms available over the internet some of them are very good and very secure in order to frauds. Frauds are very common in this world now. Everywhere we saw examples of frauds and scams. I am going to tell you about some fraud and scam free Freelancing Websites.

1. Fiverr.com:

Firverr.com was launched on 1st February 2010, the purpose of this website to provide the platform those peoples who can provide services over the internet. This is very famous and reliable freelancing platform. In Fiverr we can get order through gigs. Gig is actually ads. In gigs we provide description, price and requirements of the service. The minimum order we got of $5, In past we just get the work of $5 on fiverr, But now We can charge our own choice price for the service. Here is the link you can register and start earning.

2. Upwork.com:

Upwork.com is one of the top freelancing websites. Upwork is actually advance transformation of ODesk. ODesk was the freelancing platform where people do projects and earn money then in 2015 it transform to upwork.com. In upwork you don’t need to create gigs. You just have to find the project and bid for that. If hirer likes your offer then he or she will hire you otherwise you can try for some other project. This is time taking platform. Presence is compulsory in upwork.com. If you get project for once then your freelancing career starts running. For registration click here

3. Freelancer.com:

Freelancer.com is most famous freelancing site. Similarly like upwork.com here you have to bid for the projects. In freelancer.com you can find the project of any category whether it relate to academic or technology etc. You just have to bid. If employer likes your offer then you will be hired otherwise you have to choose next option. But the drawback is that you just allow 10 bids in freelancer.com. You have to buy more bids such as you can get 300 bids in $30. But in start you can do 10 bids. If you don’t get any project then no need to worry. Go for other option. Here is the link of registration go and change your lifestyle.

4. PeoplePerHour.com:

PeoplePerHour.com is the company which is founded in 2007, the purpose was that provide the platform to freelance workers to do more jobs over here. In PeoplePerHour.com working mechanism is different, you have to post the project means you post your skills related description then PeoplePerHour’s algorithm will find the project according to your posted details. It is not much famous as fiverr.com, upwork.com and freelancers.com, but is reliable and trustworthy click here for registration.

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Top Google adsense alternatives 2019 | CPC, Threshold

As we know that Google AdSense is the most famous and highest paid publisher in the world. Almost 95% bloggers prefer Google Adsense for online earning from the blog. But getting Google Adsense Account is too much difficult. So Bloggers choose the alternative of Google Adsense to gain profit from the blog. There are many high paying Google Alternatives In this article we are describing top Google Adsense Alternatives below with complete details such as Impression, CPC and threshold.

1. Media.net

Media.net is the product of the Yahoo and Bing, after the Google Adsense Media.net is the most famous and high paying publisher. Media.net is the high leading technology industry that does innovative digital marketing on the blog and websites. There are 500 employees those are working in this product (media.net).

Because of high paying revenue Media.net is the number 1 publisher after Google Adsense. The threshold of media.net is $100.

2. PropellerAds media

Propeller Adsis one of the biggest pop up Ad networks available. They shave started their company in 2011 and quickly developed and count into of the biggest Google Adsense Alternative with great CPMs. Specially they monetize the following niche website such as: entertainment, gaming websites videos and movies sites, finances, gambling, software, dating and etc. If you have website of one the category are mentioned above then you can monetize with Propeller than with Google Adsense. They also provide banners ads but the pop up ads are working better that others. Also, if you have mobile traffic on your website then, propellerAds are great Google Adsense alternative after media.net.

3. RevContent Publisher

RevContent stand at third position in the top Google Adsense Alternatives. Revcontent is the Native Ads Network RevContent provides the high quality ads and do approval process in the industry if website or blog is applicable for RevContent then they give approval. As we know Native Ads have super high engagement than regular banners and they show pretty well with your website or blog. RevContent show ads according to artice. Revcontent has great CPC rate that are paying 1 to 10 cents cost per click and RevContent is the biggest wide Ad network all over the world. Revcontent will pay more revenue on the referral process.

4. Adsterra Network

Adsterra is number fourth in the top google adsense alternatives that paying high revenue on reliable and high quality ads. Adsterra is a great ad network and opportunity for publishers with great CPMs to earn extra money and lots of different ad formats for both desktop and mobile network all over the world. They pay on a NET15 basis via wire transfer, paypal, web money, bitcoin etc. Their ad formats include many categories such as native ads, pop up ads, banners, direct links, web push notifications etc and Adsterra’s platform allows publisher to filter and select the type the ads you like to run in your blog or website to get the best CPC for your website or blog traffic. Adsterra are very punctual on paying revenue. They pay revenue to publisher on time and they are well known because of their serious behavior on paying revenue.

5. Infolinks

Infolinks is very old and reliable monetization network and one of best google adsense alternatives. They are paying high revenue for publishing ads on your blog or website. Infolinks are helping round about 200,000 online publishers in 128 countries to earn money from their ad space. They provide high quality native ads that work perfectly with all ad solutions and and they are very user friendly. They don’t interfere with the user’s experience. For engaging more visitors they try to publish video and native ads on the blog and website.

Infolinks platform is very simple to manipulate into your blog or website, and there is no set up fee Infolinks is open to any publisher.  Infolinks have high quality advertisers such as Facebook, Amazon, Pizza Hut, Ebay, Ali Express, Trip Advisor, Pizza Hut, Hyundai and many more.

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Top 5 URL shortener custom Websites 2019 | Online earning Trick

URL shortener mean short the original URL with other domain. Sometimes people want to short out their original URLs for earn money online.

About URL Shortener Custom Websites

There are money websites those are offer URL shortner and pay money on the click. Some famous top URL shortner custom websites are given below with their popularity, payments rates, URL and Payment mode.

1. Adf.ly

This is oldest and reliable website. This is the top url shortner custom website. Adf.ly could pay money on the 10th of every month. The minimum withdrawal of Adf,ly is $5 for PayPal users and $20 for Payoneer. As well as Adf.ly does not provide only short links to earn money.  They offer all welcomed user you will get 20% of their referral earnings. That applies if your referral gains $100 then the 20% of total revenur will be added to your adf.ly account.

top 5 url shortner custom site
  • Payments mode are: Paypal and Payoneer
  • Referral rate: 20%
  • Minimum withdraw: 5$ for paypal and 20$ for payoneer
  • Create your account click here

2. CPMlink.net

CPMlink.net is one of the top url shortener custom website that provides you facility to earn more money through its shortener link facilitation and pay on daily basis. As well as, it minimum pay, almost $5 per 1000 views (according to United States). Moreover, same like other famous URL Shortener sites, CPMlink.net also gives you an additional 10% of money of all the earnings made by your referral link.

top 5 url shortner custom site
  • Payment Method: Paypal and bitcoin
  • Referral rate: 10%
  • Minimum withdrawl: no limit
  • Create you account click here

3. Adyou.me

Adyou.me is famous url shortener custom website. Adyou.me is a website that pays you for shortening URL. As well as, it is the one of the most highest paying URL shorteners website to make money online in short time. So that, people will get money for sharing shorten URL over the Internet such as blogs or websites, forums, social media and so on .And, it’s  paying rate is up to $3/1000 visit according to united states. You can easily register for free with Adyou.me and earn more money online without any experience and investment. Even more, they pay 5% commission of referral friend’s total revenue.

top 5 url shortner custom site
  • Payment methods: Paypal, payoneer, Skrill, Pyaza and wire transfer
  • Referral commission: 5%
  • Minimum withdraw: no limit
  • For signup click here

4. Fas.li

Fas.li is also including in top 5 url shortener custom website, Fas.li is no doubt a trusted and best URL shortener website to make money online from home. In Fas.li you can  shorten your URL links and share it over websites, social media network . Moreover, Fas.li has  the payout rate is high. And it’s maximum pay is up to $12 for 1000 views according to united state country. Therefore, this is the best platform to earn online.

It is one of the great URL shortener sites to earn money online without any investment or experience. To start earning, you need to register and get started making money without any investment. That sounds great indeed. Fas.li has the minimum payout is only $5,

top 5 url shortner custom site
  • Payment methods: Paypal and Pyaza
  • Referral Commission: 10%
  • Minimum withdraw: 5$
  • Start earning click here


One of the best url shortener custom company. Link.tl is the top URL shortening website, offering you a best more reliable and easiest way to shorten your URLs and earn money. A person clicks on your shorten URL then you will be paid handsome amount for that click. Actually this amount varies on the country the person belongs to. Specially, the high paying rates are in following counties US, Australia, Canada, UK and Singapore. As well as it also offers highest commission rate in url shortening industry that is 40% so signup and earn money.

top 5 url shortner custom site
  • Payment methods: Paypal, Pyaza and Skrill
  • Minimum payout: 5$
  • Referral commission: 40%
  • Create account and start earning click here

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