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Now in Stuff You Missed of all time Course

Now in Stuff You Missed of all time Course

SYMHC Live: This New Harmony Utopias

We did a real time show for the Indiana Historical community concerning the city of brand new Harmony, Indiana into the screen from 1815-1827. For the reason that duration, two various communal societies occupied the city, one immediately after one other. But one ended up being much more effective.

Unearthed in Part 2 july

Component two for this 12 months’s Unearthed! in July features some listener that is longtime like edibles, potables not to mention shipwrecks.

SYMHC Classics: Heaven on the planet, the Brook Farm Community

We revisit a 2013 episode today. Into the 1840s, Boston’s western Roxbury suburb — that has been totally rural at that time — had been house to an experiment in transcendentalist living that is utopian the Brook Farm community. The theory would be to produce a world of stability and equality.

Unearthed in July, Role 1

It’s the perfect time for the edition of Unearthed july! And also this one is in 2 components! Today, we’ve updates and connections to episodes that are previous. Then several things about Neanderthals and humans that are early together with unearthed publications, letters and pieces of art.

Thomas Harriot: Mathematician, Astronomer, Relative Unknown

Harriot’s tale is associated with A LOT OF other notable things that are historic including plenty of company with Sir Walter Raleigh. Hes actually perhaps perhaps maybe not a family group title like several of their contemporaries, also though he had been neck-and-neck using them with regards to discoveries.

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