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Computer Jobs in Buffalo New York 2019 | Salary and Requirements

Computer Science Today is going to tell you about some hottest and latest Computer Jobs in Buffalo New York. There are lots of computer jobs available in Buffalo New York USA but we will discuss some of them with their salary packages, experience requirement, criteria and other beneficial information. Below some latest available computer jobs in Buffalo New York mentioned below.

Computer Support Specialist at Osmose Utilities Services:

Computer Support Specialist job is available at Osmose Utilities Services Inc. They offer full time job with handsome salary package about $32.6K to $60.2K which is good salary package for computer support technician. Osmose need a person for their help desk who is responsible for to solve the problems of the employs of the company. Interested candidate should have knowledge of hardware and software of the computer, knowledge of some basic software such as Microsoft word etc and extensive knowledge against networking. There are some responsibilities of computer support specialist are given below.

  • Candidate should know how to troubleshoot and diagnose the technical issues of the system.
  • Always monitor the activities of the company from the help desk.
  • Ability to troubleshoot the networking problems.
  • Answering the queries rapidly and utilize and upgrade the support software on daily basis.
computer Jobs in Buffalo New York

Web Developer required at Buffalo Computer Graphics:

Buffalo Computer Graphics is the buffalo New York based software house they are working on graphics, web applications and mobile applications projects. Currently they need a software engineer or web developer who is working as team member to develop web based applications and mobile applications. Interested candidate should know how to create architecture, how to build responsive application and how to maintain that application these are all responsibilities of the web developer in Buffalo Computer Graphics (BCG). Candidate also have skill of testing he or she can test the application on their behalf and create the report of application execution. There are following requirements and qualification need for gaining this job.

  • Candidate should have done bachelor in computer science degree.
  • Extensive knowledge against core languages of web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP etc.
  • Candidate also have concepts of object oriented Programming in Java and C++ language
  • Experience in Database management systems such as Microsoft SQL server, mysql etc
computer Jobs in Buffalo New York

Newly Pass out Graduate required at Revature Buffalo:

Revature is working in the different cities of USA. They are the one of the best software company in Buffalo, New York USA. They always encourage freshly pass out computer science graduate students to do job in their software firm. They always prefer newly graduate software engineers because they believe newly pass out engineers produce more. For getting the job in Revature candidate should have degree of BCS (bachelor in computer sciences) and should belong to Buffalo city New York. They offer salary package of $30000 to $45000 which is quite huge salary package for fresh graduate students. Following Requirements are required for gaining this job.

  • Candidate should have skill in detecting the problem and in problem solving.
  • 0 to 3 year experience required in programming specially OOP(Object Oriented Programming) and related field.
  • Should have deep knowledge about some programming languages such as web technology core languages C++, C#, Java and python etc.
  • Candidate can handle database management system such as SQL server management and mysql.
Computer Jobs in Buffalo New York
adminComputer Jobs in Buffalo New York 2019 | Salary and Requirements

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