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Database Management System | Objectives, Advantages, Features

Normally the DBMS is used for large or medium sized organizations, having heterogeneous types of files used for the different purposes. In this mechanism, the data elements are so integrated, cross referenced and shared among them that the duplication of data is almost possible.

Definition of Database Management System:

The Database Management System a collection of programs which is used for storing and manipulating database is called database management System (DBMS). It is an improvement over the traditional file management system. It uses DBMS software which controls the overall structure of a database and access to the data itself.

Objective of Database Management System

There are many objectives of the Database Management System some are mentioned below:

  • Share ability: Different people and different processes must be able to use the same actual data virtually the same line.
  • Availability: Both the data and DBMS which delivers the data must be easily accessible to the user.
  • Resolvability: The ability of the DBMS to change in response to growing user needs and advancing technology.
  • DATABASE Integrity: Since data is shared among multiple users, adequate integrity control measure must be maintained.

Advantages of Database Management System:

Advantages of DBMS are given below:

Data Independence:

Application programs are not aware of the physical implementation of the data sets. The DBMS sits in between the application programs and the actual data sets that make up the database

Support Complex Data Relationship:

Fairly complex data structures can be designed which allow various ways to logically view or access the data. This complexity greatly enhances the ability of a designer to put data where it belongs and provide a path to that data whenever needed.

Data Security Features:

DBMS provide enhance security mechanism for access to data. Database security mechanisms typically go much further in add more extensive security features. If granted Read access to a file or table, the user may see each record in the file, and every data field it contains. Access intent of each application program can be specified explicitly. An application program’s view of data records may be controlled to the field level.

Database Backup and Recovery:

DBMS provide sophisticated backup recovery mechanism. Backup and Recovery capabilities often distinguish between true DBMS and a software package that only claims this facility. A DBMS has a logging or recording mechanism that captures information on changes to data within a database. In case of database recovery, a utility within the DBMS rebuilds it by using a backup copy of the data and log of changes as input.

Advance Capabilities:

DBMS normally have advance access capability for online and ad-hic reporting capabilities. However, the ability to provide data independence to create complex data structures, to ptovide security to data access, and to provide backup and recovery capability are the primary requirements of a DataBase Managements.

Features of Database Management System

Data Dictionary:

Some database have a data dictionary, a procedures a document or disk file that stores the data definitions or a description of the structure of data used in the database. The data dictionary may monitor the data being entered to make sure it confirms to the data definition rules i.e. a file names, field names, field sizes, data types etc. It may be used for data access authorization for the database system.

Query Languages:

Normally SQL is used for creating table structures, entering data into them and retrieving/updating the selected records, based on the particular criteria and format indicated, within the databases. Typically, the query is in the form of sentence or English like commands such as SELECT, DELETE, INSERT and UPDATE commands.

Utilities in DBMS:

The DBMS utilities are the software programs that are used to maintain the database by manipulating the data, records and files. Some programs are also used for backup and recovery procedures of the database.

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