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Become a successful blogger in Six steps | 2019 Easy Tricks

First of all we discuss about what is blogging, blogging mean earning from website or blog. There are two types of blogs or websites i.e. the one type of blog or website in which blogger offer services and earn money by serving their services and in other type bloggers publish their own articles or knowledge and get paid by ads publishers. In this article computer science today is going to explain you some updated tricks by which you can start blogging and become a successful blogger. There are few steps if you follow then you can become a successful blogger.

Tips for Become a Successful Blogger:

There are few tips and tricks to become a successful blogger if you follow these steps then you can become a successful blogger those beneficial tricks are given below.

Step 1- Choose Niche and do Keyword Researching:

This is the main step to become a successful blogger. You should have to choose a niche on which you want to start blog or website Niche such as education, health, technology and travel etc.  After choosing the Niche now starts keyword research according to your niche. There are many online tools available over the internet such as uber suggest and kwfiner etc these tools will help you to find keywords related to your niche in free of cost.

Step 2 – Rich and High Quality Content:

After choosing the niche and keyword researching the next step is collecting and rich and high quality content. Content or articles are the backbone of every blog or website. If you want to become a successful blogger then you should have high quality and unique content one thing more you should have content of 3 months almost 100 articles.

Step 3 – Buy Domain and Hosting:

Domain and hosting are the most compulsory part for start blogging. For blogging it is compulsory that you have premium subscription of domain and hosting. To become a professional blogger you should buy domain and hosting. There are many websites available on internet those provide domain and hosting in cheap rates i.e. and these are famous websites and very trustworthy you can buy domain and hosting in cheap rates.

Step 4 – Choose Platform Blogger or WordPress:

After buying domain and hosting the next step is choose the CMS or platform for design or develop the blog. and are very famous now days you have to buy hosting and domain for WordPress but for you just have to buy Domain because has it’s own high quality hosting. Remember is at very basic level and have limited features and options but on the other hand has unlimited features and options and it is at advance level.

Step 5 – Choose a responsive Theme:

Choosing a responsive theme is very important for start blogging. There are many extraordinary themes available over the internet for both and but we recommend you choose because it is too much dynamic and always choose premium theme. If you want to get premium theme (Lamda theme here its demo you can check) its worth $59 but If you buy from us we can give it to you in $10 if you want purchase then you can contact us on

Step – 6 Apply for Ad Publisher:

You should have to work regularly for at least 1 month publish the article daily after exact one month then it’s time to apply for ad publisher there are many ad publishers available on the internet such as Google Adsense and media fire etc If you want to read about ad publishers in detail then click here. If you have rich and high quality content then you can get easily approval on Google Adsnse If you get Google Adsense approval then you can become a successful blogger easily

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