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Database System Project: Airline Management System

Introduction and Abstract of Airline Management System Database System Project

Our Database System Project is Airport Management System. It provides users with almost all type of facilities a management system may provide.

The User first makes an account in case if they don’t have. Then they login with their ID. The users can see specific or all flight schedules. They can also book the flight which they want. The flight consists of 2 types: Economic or Business Class. The fee will be charged on the basis of the type and number of tickets. The passenger can also view his/her details and can update or delete information at anytime. A passenger cannot see other passenger’s details.

The Employees are also given an ID to sign in to their perspective accounts. No employee can see other employee’s information. However, an employee can see a specific or all passenger’s details. He/she can also delete the passenger’s information. The employee can also add update or delete a flight schedule.

The Managers are at top level. They have all the authorities. They also login with their ID. The manager can add or delete any employee. Can see or update all employee’s or passenger’s details. They can view all flight schedules and can make changes to it.

The whole passenger or employee information is displayed in gridview. Whereas specific information is shown in textbox.

Executive summary

Our Database System Project is Airport Management System. The purpose was to build this management system having all the basic functionalities a DBMS has. So Airport Management System was one that suited. All the users have to login first in order to use the system whether it is employee passenger or manager. If anyone doesn’t have account then he/she should make an account first. After the account is made the user is provided with an ID to login with. The user can then login by typing ID and Password. The database system will itself recognize whether the passenger is logged in or employee or manager. The manager has all the authorities of the database system such as deleting an employee’s record or adding a new employee and more. The passenger can see the flight schedule and book the tickets as he/she likes. Furthermore he/she can view his/her info and can delete account. The employee can see all the transactions going on and can delete any passenger’s account. The employee can also see any or all passengers details. The employee can also add or delete the flight schedule. The details are hidden from everyone. No employee can see other employee’s data as well as no passenger can see other passenger’s data. Except that of manager.

Tables Included in Project:

  • Aircraft
  • Route
  • Airfare
  • Flight Schedule
  • Charges
  • Country
  • State
  • Branch
  • Passenger
  • Employee
  • Transactions

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adminDatabase System Project: Airline Management System
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