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NATA 2019 Exam: Admit Cards, Answers, Results, Cutoff & Counselling

NATA 2019 Exam:

National Aptitude Test in Architecture NATA 2019 is conducted by the council of the Architecture. This test is conduct at national level that is based on the subject of Architecture. NATA entrance exam held 2 times in a year, First test is taken in the mid of the April and the second NATA entrance test is taken in first week of July. Candidate should have knowledge of drawing, observations skills and sense of proportion. This test is conduct in online and offline mode 3 hours are allowed for NATA.

NATA Entrance Exam Syllabus 2019

The syllabus of NATA Entrance Exam Syllabus 2019 is divided into three categories i.e. Mathematics, Drawing and Aptitude Test. The syllabus of these categories is given below with complete details.

H4: national aptitude test in architecture mathematics syllabus:

  • Algebra: Definitions of Geometric and Arithmetic Progression, Arithmetic and Geometric mean and series, Sum of nth term series and Infinite Geometric Progression
  • Matrices and Determinants: basic knowledge of Matrices and Determinants such as m*n order matrices, adjoint of matrices, determinant of matrix, scalar operation,  sum operation, linear equations, inverse of a matrix and Area of triangle
  • Statistics and Probability: Measure of dispersion, concept of mean, variance and S.D (standard deviation). Addition and multiplication rules of probability, Binomial Distribution, frequency distribution, conditional probability and Baye’s Law, events independency.
  • Calculus: Theory of calculus such as all concepts of Differentiation and Integration. Application Calculus such as Parabola, hyperbola, ellipse, normal and tangent line. Integral area, Differential coefficient.
  • Geometry: Distance formula, Area of triangle, Hero formula, condition of collinearity of three points in a plane. Polar co-ordinates, Parallel transformation of axes, concept of locus, elementary locus problems transformation from Cartesian to polar coordinates and vice versa. Slope of a line. Condition of perpendicularity and parallelism of two lines, Equation of lines in different forms, angle between two lines.
  • Logarithm: Definition and General properties of Logarithm and Algorithm as well as base changing

National aptitude test in architecture General Aptitude Syllabus:

  • Mathematical Aptitude: Logical operations such as like and, or, if and only if, implies, implied by and Statement operations. Converse operations, Understanding of tautology, contradiction.
  • Sets and Relations: concepts of sets, subsets, power sets, complements, union, intersections, universal sets, venn diagram, Demorgan’s Law, Properties and Equivalence Definitions.

National aptitude test in architecture drawing test Syllabus:

Understanding of scaling, geometric composition, shapes, color textures, contrast and harmony. Form transformations in 2D and 3D like union, subtraction, rotation, surfaces and volumes. Visualization and Conceptualization through structuring objects in main and secondary memory. Pattern making.  Generating plan, elevation and 3D views of objects. Creating 2D and 3D drawings using given shape and forms.

NATA Registration for Next Year 2020:

For the registration of NATA 2020 candidates can apply through online and offline mode. In online mode they have to fill the application form from the official website of the NATA and for offline mode they have to download form from the official website and after fill the form courier to NATA. There are following steps for application form.

  • Go to official website for filling the application form
  • First login into portal for the application form filling.
  • Upload the required documents
Documents Size Image Dimension
Photograph 4KB to 100KB 4.5×3.5
Left Thumb Impression 1KB to 30KB 1.5×3.5
Signature 1KB to 30KB 1.5×3.5
  • Now times to submit application fee. 1800/3500 (1800 for one time appearing and 3500 for both times). Fee submitted via online banking, Debit/Credit card and ICIC bank.
  • Download the application form and confirmation page.

NATA Admit Cards 2019:

Admit cards of NATA Entrance Exam 2019 will issue on the official website from the 1st of April. The admit card will contain the details of associated test centre allotted to candidates and other important details as well. The main thing is Roll number is mentioned on that Admit Card that will identify candidate.

Candidates should need to download the soft copy of NATA admit cards from the official website of NATA. Admit card is an is very necessary and carry along for entrance exam as well carry Identical copy of passport size photograph, ID card, Passport, Voter ID or Adhaar card.

 NATA Important Dates for Exam 2019:

Important dates are given below:

  • Jan 24 to Mar 11: Registration process phase 1
  • Jan 24 to Jun 12: Registration Process Phase 2
  • Mar 15: Fee Payment, Image uploading of phase 1
  • Apr 14: NATA Entrance Exam date
  • May 03: Result declaration of phase 1
  • Jun 15: Fee payment and Image upload of phase 2
  • July 07: NATA entrance exam phase 2

NATA Question Papers:

You can view online or download pass papers of NATA entrance exam:

  • All About State Level Exam northern eastern and central regions.pdf
  • Important Physics Formulae for Success in Engineering entrance Exam.pdf
  • Important Chemistry Formulae for Success in Engineering entrance Exam.pdf
  • Prepare Like State Level Exam Toppers.pdf
  • Important Maths Formulae for Success in Engineering entrance Exam.pdf
  • Click here to download

NATA Exam Answer Keys 2019

Once both Entrance exams of NATA is over then NATA management upload all the answers on their official website. Also Candidate can recheck their exam before the deadline date. The rechecking exam fee is 1000Rs.

NATA Results 2019:

NATA 2019 result will be out on May 3 2019. NATA 2019 results for the exam will be available in the following way given below:

  • Obtained Marks are out of 200 and with remarks
  • Merit List will be unique based on marks and according to tie breaking rules
  • Percentile marks will based on the merit list

NATA 2019 Cutoff:

Candidates need to score the minimum cutoff marks in the two different components and also in aggregate. Moreover, the NATA candidate would also have to meet all the other eligibility criteria specific to the institute. Again, since there is no official centralized counselling of NATA 2019, there is no formality of counselling processes adopted by these institutes.

NATA 2019 Couselling:

The Council of Architecture will conduct the NATA 2019 couselling. In Couselling candidate should bring their portfolio with themselves. After Couselling candidate will successful in getting the admission in the desire institute.

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